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The Best House Is a Safe One

It’s safe to say that every single one of us needs a place to live in. Our living spaces—whether it’s a house, an apartment, a condo, or any place where people choose to live—play a key role in our lives. They are considered a basic human need for that very reason. Our living spaces provide …

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Avoiding Insect-related Diseases

With the flux of COVID-19 cases globally, other common diseases have been set aside in the meantime. That doesn’t mean that these diseases have taken a step back in causing fatalities around the world. Insect-related diseases, particularly mosquito-borne diseases, continue to affect individuals in the United States. The focus on the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be …

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Are Singaporeans Good Debtors?

As one of the developed nations in Asia, Singapore has a stellar economic performance. Fitch gave it an AAA rating for 2020, which means its financial outlook is stable despite the COVID-19 pandemic and external debt of at least $1.5 trillion. But how do its citizens fare when it comes to fiscal performance, particularly loans …

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