Smart watch

Wearable Technology in Business: Where It Can Find Uses

People don’t notice it, but wearable technology is becoming more prevalent. Though smart glass eyewear is not a common sight, more people are wearing heart rate monitors and smartwatches. For businesses, these devices can be a big help in some areas of their operation. Here is how you can integrate wearable tech into your business for maximum

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Business meeting

Catching Customer’s Eyes: What You Should Focus On

Bringing a product to store shelves means you have to compete with other products for attention. If your product design is boring, people will ignore it. It doesn’t matter how good the product is but how attractive it looks. To ensure that your product has a chance, here are some visual factors that you have

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business gathering

Corporate Break: Ideas for Encouraging Employees to Attend Events

Pretty much anyone who has worked in a company knows of the dreaded corporate event. Horror stories of boring programs and embarrassing moments come to mind. Some businesses aim to make it mandatory for employees, but they fail in actually getting the people to attend. If your company is one of those, then maybe a

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