Air pollution

Industrial Air Pollution: What Companies Can Do to Reduce It

There’s no doubt that manufacturing industries are one of the most significant contributors to air pollution, as they rely heavily on energy use and production. This energy comes from fossil fuels then releases chemicals and gases into the air that not only greatly harm the planet but also the populations’ health. Every year, approximately seven

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Land Ho! Different Ways to Enjoy Your Land

Land ownership can be just as fun as homeownership. Naturally, how you treat the land will be very different from how you treat a garden. A garden is very much your responsibility and depends on you for upkeep and well-being. A big piece of land is pretty much self-sustaining. You can change some features to

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modern make up looks

Beauty Talks: Glamor Techniques for the Modern Woman

We saw celebrities strut their stuff in the MET gala. Twitter was on fire when people compared a particular star to Harry Potter’s dementors. Others hit social media to praise their idol. Who do you think became part of fashion history? Most stars cemented their names as fashion icons. But one prominent name pointed out

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tractor in a field

The Transformative Power of Technology in Agriculture

Agriculture is an important industry because agriculture makes up a large portion of the GDP in many countries. In addition, agriculture provides food for millions of people around the world. In America, agriculture has been a key part of the economy since before the founding fathers. At present, technology has been a powerful and transformative

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