Four Steps to Improve Your IT Service Desk Performance

Any organization with an IT department requires an IT service desk that can quickly and adequately manage different technical issues, compared to the support tasks that help desks handle. IT service desks work in a broader field. Their tasks include knowledge management, asset management, problem management, and incident management. While help desks offer reactive support for

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old trophies

Should You Display Your Trophies and Awards?

We live in a world where success and prosperity are seen as the ultimate goals for everyone. No matter what career path we choose to pursue, we will always want to be successful in it. This success is often defined through awards and recognitions. Of course, plaques, trophies, and certificates often come with these awards.

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modern make up looks

Beauty Talks: Glamor Techniques for the Modern Woman

We saw celebrities strut their stuff in the MET gala. Twitter was on fire when people compared a particular star to Harry Potter’s dementors. Others hit social media to praise their idol. Who do you think became part of fashion history? Most stars cemented their names as fashion icons. But one prominent name pointed out

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The Importance Of Sanitation And Hygiene At Workplace

Most people spend nearly 12 hours at work, and that’s half a day. So, it is not wrong to call it their second home. Hence, it is therefore essential to keep the place neat. However, your employees might complain if you ask them to keep sanitation standards high. They will argue that they are already

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