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The Best Eco-friendly Promotional Products for Your Marketing Campaign

With the state of the world we’re living in, it’s of utmost importance to promote sustainability in everything we do. Companies can do their part with proper management of their financial planning services, but they could also do their part by using eco-friendly promotional products. With more and more businesses “going green,” everything from production

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Weird and Funny Activities People Did During Quarantine

Ever wondered what other people did during quarantine? The coronavirus pandemic brought out the best, worst, and funniest in us. When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a pandemic in March, governments requested their citizens to stay at home, isolate, quarantine, and practice social distancing. While many decided it was time to clean

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4 Pivots for Hotel Businesses in This Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t discriminate businesses, but one of the industries hardest hit is tourism. Many accommodation options, like hotels, suffer from low occupancy rates as people skip traveling. If you’re in this business, the next best step is to pivot. Fortunately, you can explore many opportunities that are more resistant to the pandemic’s economic

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